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Increasing world population, urbanisation and global mobility is generating high pressure on natural resources,
greenhouse gas emissions, congestion, pollution, social and public health issues. In response to these challenges, Suscons takes its responsibility to support the transition to more sustainable systems that are accessible for all and to implement a sustainable business model.

Suscons is committed to ensuring that any business undertakings are conducted as ethically as possible by following the below policy.

Who we are and what we do

Suscons is an innovative sustainability driven company which carries out robust research and development of its own designed products to bring solutions to humanitarian projects globally.
Our mission is to develop a range of products to suit the needs and aspirations of our customers while protecting the environment. We strive to help communities grow and improve their lives through innovation and challenging the status quo. We aim to be a disruptive organisation which ensures long- term growth both for our company and for society.

It is our policy to integrate sustainability in our strategy and processes in order to address social and environmental challenges and manage the risks and opportunities they entail. This policy is implemented through four main axes:

To act as a stakeholder-oriented organisation:
– Adapting our offering and delivering our projects in line with evolving customer expectations;
– Supporting improvements in the lives of local communities;
– Assessing and managing all risks to the business and securing its financial stability;
– Securing recognition as a responsible company.
To develop solutions for sustainable mobility:
– Deploying eco-design processes to ensure environmental performance;
– Embedding in our solutions the highest levels of safety, quality, reliability and availability;
– Integrating green innovation to optimise energy efficiency.
To manage our operations in a responsible way:
– Ensuring safety excellence with and for our employees and contractors;
– Protecting our employees, assets and data from intentionally malicious actions;
– Continuously reducing the environmental footprint of our operations;
– Developing a sustainable supply-chain.
To build a culture of diversity and integrity:
– Enforcing the highest ethical standards;
– Promoting and implementing diversity in its various forms;
– Acting against discrimination;
– Respecting human rights.

Looking after Employees
In order to retain loyal and productive staff, we maintain a good working environment which includes:
– Being an Equal Opportunities Employer as per the Equality Act 2010;
– Complying with the Modern Slavery Act 2015;
– Implementing our Health and Safety policies and procedures;
– Ensuring all staff have the relevant training for their roles;
– Paying our staff an appropriate wage and benefits, in line with or exceeding the Living Wage.

Looking after Customers
– Ensuring we timely respond to customers comments and carry out customer satisfaction surveys;
– Independently verify the safety and quality of our products and services;
– Clearly communicate with customers in person and electronically.

Suppliers’ Standards
We aim to develop long term relationships with good suppliers with a similar vision to ours and maintain good working relations with them. Where possible, we prefer to work with local suppliers who:

– Adhere to the Modern Slavery Act 2015;
– Operate in line with the Bribery Act 2010;
– Have a CSR policy in place.

In return, we will:
– Pay our suppliers properly and on time;
– Clearly communicate with suppliers in person and electronically.

Protecting the Environment
One of our core purposes is to reduce the environmental impact of our business activities as much as possible. We do
this by:
– Minimising our waste production and encouraging re-use and recycling wherever possible;
– Measuring our water usage and implementing water saving devices where appropriate;
– Maximise the use of recycled and recyclable materials in our products;
– Minimising transport emissions by reducing the need to travel, wherever possible, maximise our vehicle payloads and ensure all vehicles are well maintained.

Community Engagement
Our vision is to change lives by putting people first, avoiding waste and making a difference. We are community focused and work closely with charitable organisations such as Sustainable West Midlands Red Cross IFRC

We will regularly measure and monitor these measures through our Quality Management and Environmental
Management Systems and through an annual review.

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