Modular Building

We are developing pioneering solutions to modular accommodation. In line with our core values, we work with leading architects and engineers to produce innovative, sustainable solutions for modular living. Healthy, attractive designs using sustainable robust materials are used to develop community living based on off-grid renewable energy and materials often derived from other people’s by-products and waste streams.

Our modules are bespoke to the particular development, but all are based on the circular economy principles of self- sustaining services and towards zero-carbon living.

We are passionate about making our units desirable and affordable for all.

Greater Flexibility and Reuse

Modular buildings can be disassembled and the modules relocated or refurbished for new use, reducing the demand for raw materials and minimizing the amount of energy expended to create a building to meet the new need.

Built to Code with Quality Sustainable Recyclable Materials

Modular buildings are built to meet or exceed the same building codes and standards as site-built structures, and the same architect-specified materials used in conventionally constructed buildings are used in modular construction projects.