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Rubber roof tiles

Roofing tiles were first introduced to the world back in early Roman and Greek times, made traditionally from clay, the original tiles were also very heavy and are thought to have weighed around 30kg each. Although they were more expensive and labour-intensive than the most commonly used thatched roofs in those times, their fire retardant and non-permeable qualities were favourable for use.


The most important requirement for any insulation material is that it consistently provides the designed resistance to the passage of heat throughout the lifetime of the building. The properties of traditional cavity wall insulation materials are published by the various manufacturers. Therefore, the required properties for new cavity wall materials need to be equivalent to these in terms of performance but also there are additional requirements which are part of the design process:

Modular Buildings

We are developing pioneering solutions to modular accommodation. In line with our core values, we work with leading architects and engineers to produce innovative, sustainable solutions for modular living. Healthy, attractive designs using sustainable robust materials are used to develop community living based on off-grid renewable energy and materials often derived from other people’s by-products and waste streams.