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Suscons Recycling Services offers to collect your waste uPVC window and door frames if you are located in London, The Midlands, Shropshire or Staffordshire. .

Suscons We aim to reduce the occurrence of fly tipping and the cost of disposing to landfill by providing a de-glazing and collection service which will save costs and gives the security of legally disposing of waste products.

We use state of the art machinery and technology to recycle PVC frames to be extruded and reformed into the shelters, this gives your company the added advantage of contributing to the manufacture of Emergency Relief Shelters for displaced families around the world, by creating a Closed Loop Humanitarian Society. 


Why Recycle Your uPVC window & door frames and glass?

Suscons can recycle ANY PVC windows and doors in the fenestration industry, we can collect glazed and contaminated window and door frames, saving you time and money.

Our priority is to keep waste uPVC windows frames & doors out of landfill and have it re-manufactured into our Emergency Relief Shelter (ERS)

When people say that recycling spent uPVC materials is not worth the effort: that is simply not true. uPVC, like all other thermoplastic materials, can be recycled and if the right technology is used even post-consumer, contaminated uPVC window frames and doors can be economically recycled. 

Our aim is to ensure a net environmental benefit through reducing the use of primary resources and/or diverting resources from landfill whilst making sure that all involved in the process are properly rewarded for their effort.

The benefits for your company are:

  • To increase your eco-friendly credentials
  • Less hassle (we will collect as little as 10 frames)
  • Peace of mind for compliance with Environmental Agency.
  • Reliable weekly collection service and proactive communication.
  • Cost savings over running skips.
  • Improving the sustainability of your business.
  • Avoid Landfill taxes.
  • Contributing to Suscons humanitarian closed loop society.
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Landfill Tax

Landfill tax was introduced to divert waste going to landfill. The tax rate has increased steadily approximately £6-7 per tonne each year. The average window installer dispose of 30-40 windows tonnage will cost you approximately £380.00 per skip. That’s on average £4000.00 per year.
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