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About us

About Us

About Suscons

Suscons disruptive approach aims to minimise carbon emissions and reduce the amount of plastic waste going to landfill by innovative design and working in collaboration with like-minded organisations to develop sustainable long-term solutions for the humanitarian sector. Our core purpose is to support those in need while complying with the UN Sustainable Development Goals and the Circular Economy by collaborating, designing and finding long-term cost-effective solutions to deliver high quality transitional shelters. We are adopting a more ‘cradle to grave’ approach to our projects by collecting waste uPVC plastics for use in our products and designing products to ensure re-use at their end of life so avoiding creating more waste.

Our Story

Suscons was formed from an innovative research and development project, Alternative Raw Materials with Low Impact (ARLI), led by the School of Engineering at The University of Birmingham, where Stephen and Peter met back in 2019. Since then, Stephen and Peter have focused on what to do with waste plastics and to use waste materials such as plastic bottles and rubber to make sustainable new products within the construction industry. Today, Stephen and Peter continue to carry out robust research and development into PVC plastics and to drive forward with innovative sustainable new ideas with the help of our partner, the University of Birmingham.

Vision, Mission and Values

Our clear positive brand is based on our culture of always striving to do the right thing for society. This will allow us to become a strong and financially secure organisation providing the best value for our customers while also addressing social and environmental needs.

Suscons Vision

Changing lives, putting people first, avoiding waste, making a difference.

Our Mission

We are an independent innovative company with a passion for doing the right thing and finding a way to say “Yes!” We are developing a range of products to suit the needs and aspirations of our customers while protecting the environment. We strive to help communities grow and improve their lives through innovation and challenging the status quo. We aim to be a disruptive organisation.

Suscons Values

    • Championing the Individual – we put the individual of our end users and other at the heart of everything we do because we care. We never take the easy option and work hard to find solutions by engaging, listening and learning.
    • Creative Mind-set – We want to do the right thing because we want to make a difference to people’s lives. We will always act with integrity and challenge ourselves to adopt an enterprising ‘can do’ attitude where we are accountable for our actions and take responsibility for delivering our Vision.
    • Continuously Evolving – We take the initiative to seek out and create opportunities to develop because we want to deliver excellent solutions to our customers, staff and the wider community. We will always look for innovative solutions which are sustainable, carbon efficient and help minimise climate change effects.
    • Communicate Inclusively – we value and respect the uniqueness of the individual and their contribution, needs and opinions. We will therefore maintain clear, open, honest and professional communication that helps us develop our business.

Frequently Asked

The shelters are made from recycled PVC material to create a closed loop humanitarian society.

The shelters have been designed and manufactured using state of the art technology to last a minimum 10 years, the good thing they also come with a 10 year warranty.

Yes, as standard with natural insulation in the roof, floor and side walls. Additional insulation will be provided to meet the extremes of to meet (-42 25 to + 45o2 C ) degrees, however we can increase insulation in colder climates using recycled PET plastics in the cavity of the panels.

We use an approximately 450 kg of recycled PVC material.
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