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social responsability policy

World population, urbanization natural and global r mobility needs are increasing. This genera ctes high pressure on esources; social and public greenhouse gas em sions; ongestion; pollution; health issues. In response to these challenges it is Suscons’s responsibility to support the transition to sustainable systems that are accessible for all and to implement a sustainable business model.


It is our policy to integrate Sustainability in our strategy and processes in order to anticipate the social and environmental challenges, manage the risks and opportunities they entail and ensure long- term growth both for our company and for society.

We deploy this policy through related policies aligned along four main axes and compliant with all relevant laws, regulations and standards. The related commitments are translated into targets and deployed through the Suscons Management System.

Implementation of this policy requires all managers, employees and business partners, both individually and collectively, to be actively involved.

To act as a stakeholder-oriented organisation:
– Adapting our offering and delivering our projects in line with  evolving customer expectations;
– Supporting improvement in the lives of local communities;
– Assessing and managing all risks to the business and  securing its financial stability;
– Securing recognition as a responsible company.

To develop solutions for sustainable mobility:
– Deploying eco-design processes to ensure
environmental performance;
– Embedding in our solutions the highest levels of safety, quality, reliability and availability;
– Integrating green innovation to optimise energy efficiency.

To manage our operations in a responsible way:
– Ensuring safety excellence with and for our employees and contractors;
– Protecting our employees, assets and data from
intentionally malicious actions;
– Continuously reducing the environmental footprint of our operations;
– Developing a sustainable supply-chain.

To build a culture of diversity and integrity:
– Enforcing the highest ethical standards;
– Promoting and implementing diversity in its various forms;
– Acting against discrimination;
– Respecting human rights.

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